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Can I advertise on your site/videos/etc?

Sure, if you think my antics are a good way to promote whatever it is you do, you can drop me a line and we can discuss what you'd like to do... after you read the rest of this.

A few things to know beforehand.

I take a somewhat unorthadox approach to advertising on this site and my videos-- which is, I don't do much if any of the traditional sort of invasive, annoying PPV/PPC type ads that the majority of people just block anyway. I couldn't be bothered, and care more about viewer experience than an extra percentage point. As such, if you want to spew flash ads all over my site, save yourself some time as I'm not interested.

What I am interested in, is this:

And here's the really weird part: There's no rate card. If you're interested in one of the above, send me an offer, and if it's worth my time and doesn't offend my sensibilities I'll do it.

But I don't want to pay anything!

Fair enough. Most people don't. I also do product reviews at no cost. You send me stuff that is in some way related to what I do, and I'll feature it in a video while discussing what I like and do not like about it in a relatively impartial way. This can be anything from a set of gloves to a bike or car, and just about anything in between, so long as I can plausibly use it on or near a bike or car of some sort.

Things that are likely to work:

Note that you are responsible for the cost of shipping whatever your product is to me, and back to you (assuming you want it back). With the notable exception of bikes, cars and big stuff-- if it's reasonably close to the tri-state area, I'll pick it up and return it if necessary.

Also note that the schedule of reviewing your product is entirely up to me, but I can generally make it happen within 2-4 weeks of receiving it.

Interested in any of that? Well, use the form to drop me a line, and if I'm interested you'll hear back from me inside of 48 hours.

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