Last year (2/7/2017 21:02)

C'mon, decent weather. I'm losing my mind, here.

Last year (1/10/2017 17:01)

Right now: 10 degrees. Friday: 51. Three guesses what I'll be doing.

Last year (12/26/2016 08:12)

Evidently Disney figured out a way to make the new Star Wars films work for me: Kill absolutely everyone. Twice.

Last year (12/22/2016 16:12)

@BaronVonGrumble Clip-ons.

Last year (12/22/2016 16:12)

I warned you, winter.…

2 years ago (12/16/2016 18:12)

If the weather doesn't stop sucking by tomorrow, I'm just going riding in the snow. Screw it.

2 years ago (11/24/2016 07:11)

Last week, bikes. Next week, cars. #LeonLoco

2 years ago (11/11/2016 17:11)

Yes, yes I am.

2 years ago (11/10/2016 18:11)

Looong day tomorrow, but in a good way. Stay tuned.

2 years ago (10/6/2016 12:10)

Prepare for ludicrous speed!

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